George Mastrokostas, Partner, represented the Professional Union “EEFIPAM” and its members before the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Environment & Energy.

Maronidis & Associates Law Firm

George Mastrokostas, Partner, represented the Professional Union “EEFIPAM” aiming the facilitation of the administrative process regarding the concession of use of the public sea shore and the coastal – beach spaces in connection to the relevant exploitation rights granted from public sector to third parties, legal entities and touristic entrepreneurs within environmentally protected zones & areas under Natura 2000 network.

He assisted the efforts of the relevant authorities, representing clients of the Firm, towards the establishment of a rational and fast frame concession for use of shoreline public spaces, with full compliance with the applicable environmental legislation and by taking into account legal prospective balancing the rights and obligations of both citizens and business establishments for access to the foreshore and beach with respect to the wildlife and in the best possible environmentally sensitive way.